Jump-Start Your New Diet With Protein

Diet researchers in Poland recently studied which diet was better to start a weight loss program with, a High-Protein or Low Glycemic Index Diet. Conclusions: A short-term HP diet applied as a jump-start diet appeared to be more beneficial than an LGI diet, as indicated by the greater fat mass loss, preservation of muscle mass,Continue reading “Jump-Start Your New Diet With Protein”

Is Metabolic Syndrome a Vitamin D Deficiency?

The prevalence of hypovitaminosis D has risen in developed countries over the past few years in association with lifestyle changes and an increase in unhealthy habits. Vitamin D deficiency has been implicated in various diseases, including metabolic syndrome (MetS), which is clinically defined by a set of metabolic and vascular disorders. While they were notContinue reading “Is Metabolic Syndrome a Vitamin D Deficiency?”

Vegan Diet Health Benefits and Risks

Plant-based diets (PBDs) are increasingly consumed around the world. In particular, among PBDs, the vegan diet is a food pattern characterized by the exclusion of all animal-origin foods. What drives people to adopt this model are mainly ethical, health and environmental reasons. A vegan diet, if well-balanced and varied, can help in achieving and maintainingContinue reading “Vegan Diet Health Benefits and Risks”

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