Vegan Diet Health Benefits and Risks

Plant-based diets (PBDs) are increasingly consumed around the world. In particular, among PBDs, the vegan diet is a food pattern characterized by the exclusion of all animal-origin foods.

What drives people to adopt this model are mainly ethical, health and environmental reasons.

A vegan diet, if well-balanced and varied, can help in achieving and maintaining an optimal state of health.

However, this nutritional approach, if not well-balanced, can cause deficiencies in proteins, ω-3 fatty acids, iron, vitamin D and calcium, zinc, iodine and, above all, vitamin B12.

Oral food supplements especially fortified foods are recommended in these cases to restore the nutritional deficiencies.

A vegan diet generally reduces the risk of developing chronic non-communicable degenerative diseases, such as metabolic syndrome (MetS) and, in addition, requires fewer natural resources for food production than an omnivorous diet.

via Nutrients 202113(3), 817;

I might give a vegan diet another try, now that I know which potential dietary deficiencies to be mindful of.

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